about us

Hill'n'Dale Farm Cottages is a small family business, owned and managed by a couple who love creating a nourishing space to share with others. We see ourselves as land stewards of this incredible property, and believe that taking time out to restore ourselves in nature is not only important, but should be accessible to everyone.

To create an intimate & affordable stay, we are involved in all aspects of the work - making beds & cleaning cottages, building infrastructure, maintaining the roads & property, chopping firewood… the list just goes on!

By sharing our special space, we hope to inspire and empower others to live a deeply connected and sustainable way of life.


Eddy is a heavy metal fabricator by trade and has worked as a health and safety consultant in remote locations across Australia, Kazakhstan and Dubai. He is currently undergoing a Permaculture Design Course and hopes to bring his earthmoving and construction skill sets to the permaculture community.

He is passionate about living off the land and using food as medicine. Eddy enjoys designing and creating with recycled and repurposed materials. 


Phuong is a shiatsu practitioner with a professional background in electrical/mechanical engineering, climate change and sustainability. She provides in house shiatsu treatments to guests and integrate her knowledge of living with the seasons in her practice.

She is passionate about connecting people with food, nature and the community. Phuong loves growing food and sharing meals with friends.


our way of doing business

We are continually looking to reduce our environmental impact and connect with local like minded businesses. We would love to hear any suggestions for improvement or ideas for collaboration.

Here are some of our environmental initiatives:

  • Recycle and compost bins are provided in all cottages. The compost goes into our big compost bin, which is used back into our veggie patch

  • Bath items are purchased in bulk and refilled to reduce waste and packaging

  • Shopping bags are provided in the kitchen for your use to reduce single use plastic bags. Garbage bags used are biodegradable.

  • Fresh water is supplied from a natural spring up the top of the mountain. This water supply is gravitationally feed, so there is no electricity is used for pumping water around the property. One of the benefits of living in the mountains and smart water design!

  • Rotating sheep shared with the neighbour to keep the grass down in the top paddock and provide excellent organic manure for the garden

  • Natural ingredients/products are used for cleaning the cottages

  • No pesticides or harmful chemicals are used on property or gardens