About us

conscious & connected living


Ours is a story of love. Love of this incredible land. Love of each other. And love of the community. 

Story in short – After independently working across Australia and internationally, our paths met on the property through a mutual friend. We both fell in love with the land. We both thought each other was alright!

And so began our deep dive into living on the land, running a small business, and building a consciously connected family and community orientated life.


Eddy is a heavy metal fabricator by trade and has spent many years in remote locations across Dubai, Kazakhstan & Australia as a health and safety consultant.

He has completed his Permaculture Design Course and is passionate about regenerative farming, creating food forests & aquaculture systems. Eddy is a jack of all trades, and is particularly handy with earthmoving equipment, building with recycled/repurposed materials, and fermenting foods.


Phuong has spent most of her professional work as an engineer and climate change consultant. She is a qualified shiatsu practitioner and loves how shiatsu can balance and bring clarity to the mind and body.

She is passionate about using food as medicine, connecting with nature, and learning about medicinal herbs. Phuong particularly enjoys collaborating with likeminded people and building community resilience.


Our way of living is governed by three principles:

1)    To work with and be inspired by the unique mountain forest microclimate

2)    To build community resilience and sufficiency

3)    To regenerate the land for future generations