Local Producers

sustainable & quality produce from the Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley has a wealth of amazingly passionate and dedicated local farmers, growers, makers and doers. We love supporting these small local businesses which are family run, and have an ethos for sustainability and quality hand-made produce.  Here are some of our favourites which are seasonally featured in our cottages.


Warbotanicals, Warburton

Local company in Warburton applying a holistic approach to improve your wellbeing. All their hair care products are free of SLS, animal cruelty free, and the products designed and tested by their naturopath.

The sensual bath & shower gel, organic hemp shampoo, and organic hemp conditioner feature in our cottages for that delicious hot shower/bath.


Six Acres Winery, Silvan

Six Acres boutique winery and vineyard is owned and worked by the Zuccaro Family in Silvan. All wine is unfiltered, vegan and made with love. The vineyard is biologically farmed, hand-tended and pesticide free. The wines are bright, textural, complex and showcase the quality and craftsmanship.

For your convenience, we provide a selection of wines which are available in the cottage. Enjoy a bottle and head to the winery to try some more and meet the winemaker.


Tonantzin Chocolate, Yarra Junction

Tonantzin Chocolate is made by Fernando and Antonio in Yarra Junction who love the power of cacao and their ancient Aztec roots. The chocolate is stone ground and hand crafted in small batches. All chocolate is raw, organic, vegan and absolutely delicious.

Available seasonally for special packages.


Little Yarra Dairy, Launching Place

Biodynamic, family-operated micro-dairy from 12 pastured jersey cows just down the road from Hill’n’dale. Unhomogenised milk with cream on the top, deliciously the way milk use to be.

We provide fresh milk in the cottage for that perfect morning tea/coffee.


Yarra Valley Tea Co., Coldstream

A family owned business producing premium organic tea & tisane, manufactured in Coldstream.

We love that the Uncle Vic green tea is locally grown and processed in Victoria.


Silva Coffee Roasters, Wesburn

Silva Coffee is a family owned coffee company established in 2010 by husband and wife team, Wayne and Cleo Silva.

The flavours and textures of each coffee differ due to the origin, varietal, terroir and processing methods of the coffee cherries. All beans are sourced ethically & sustainably.

dr planet.jpg

Dr Planet, Don Valley

Dr Planet is locally run by a small family in Don Valley. Their multi-purpose Castile Soap cleaning product is only made with 7 pure and natural ingredients, lots of love and their genuine care for the environment.