Follow your heart

Our guests are often intrigued by our story, and wonder how a metal fabricator and engineer ended up running cottages and growing produce in the mountains. So here are our thoughts on some of the most frequent questions our guests ask us.

How did you meet?

At the time, Phuong was living in the inner city and travelling across farms in Victoria. Over a few wines, she told her best friend that it would be wonderful to meet a man who was connected to the land. Ah ha said her best friend, I know a man working with me in Onslow who has a hazelnut farm in the Yarra Valley. A few months later, her best friend booked a girls night away at Hill’n’dale Ferny Glade cottage, introduced her to Eddy, a connection sparked, and thus began the tree change for love.

How long have you been here?

Eddy had taken over the property in 2013, but it wasn’t until mid 2015 that both Eddy and Phuong quit their respective corporate jobs. Living on 54 acres of mountain forest and running a farm/business is not a part time hobby, so they both decided to follow their hearts and commit full time to working with the land and creating a special space to share with others.

What is your day to day like?

Everyday, moment by moment, is different. Some days we are cleaning toilets, scrubbing floors, and making beds. Other days we are planting vegetables, watering, mulching, pruning & harvesting produce. There are physically tiring days chopping wood and cutting back blackberries. Then there are boring necessary business administration days. And random days meeting other local businesses and long conversations over wine & cheese while the children run around.

All in all, while it can be challenging, we mostly love living with nature and learning to flow with the energy of the seasons. Longer, warmer days in summer allows us to garden, make and build. Cool autumn days for harvesting nuts, land management, road maintenance and chopping wood. Short cold winter days for inward reflection, rest and nourishing meals. Vibrant spring rain and sunshine for growing and preparing soil beds. And the cycle continues for another year of learning and growing.